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Digital Strategist  |  Content Writer  |  Brand Manager

Kris White

ResMed Website Launch - Digital Strategy & Content Writing


As Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at ResMed (medical device company), I was brought on to the team to help create and manage digital content marketing initiatives.

One of our largest projects was a completely new site.

The previous site drove millions of organic monthly visits but suffered from high bounce rates. It was not mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, nor focused on consumer needs. The copy read at a collegiate level—not approachable or understandable to consumers just learning about sleep apnea and feeling scared/ashamed.

Through an entire restructure of the information architecture, content framework, copy tone, and UX/UI best practices, we launched a mobile-first 150+ page site.

I worked with product managers, design/development/video agencies, legal and clinical affairs teams, in-house clinicians, IT teams, and other resources to create and organize content, write website and automated email copy, develop lead generation user flows, and more.

The new site features consumer-friendly resources, lead-generation tools, extensive multimedia content, all with an empathetic and supportive messaging tone.

My role & strategy:

  • Collaborate with product managers, data analytics & consumer insights teams, and senior leadership to align on commercial objectives.

  • Restructure information architecture and site structure based on patient journey phases, onsite & organic search behavior, and content groupings

  • Wireframe pages, resources, and emails with mobile-first consideration using defined content components, mobile UX best practices, and user testing

  • Utilize search query data, target demographics, and reading comprehension level to inform new tone of voice: simple, easy to understand, empathetic and motivating

  • Write website, email, and resource copy using new consumer-centric tone of voice. Conduct SEO research (e.g. keywords, organic search, onsite search, competitive landscape) to write copy that would resonate with consumers, rank in search engines for relevant searches, and qualify for Google SERP features.

  • Utilize extensive datapoints to better understand our consumers’ mindset and makeup to help guide content decisions: organic search queries, previous Google Analytics data, heatmaps, target demographics & intent

  • Create top-of-funnel lead generation tools to build consumer-centric database for email drip campaigns, paid ad retargeting, and custom audiences

  • Create a content taxonomy and tag all assets/pages to quickly access content resources for distribution to consumers, sales teams, product managers, SaaS teams, and other internal teams

The results:

  • Launched 150+ page consumer website which drove 3 million visits in the first 4 months

  • Lead-gen and sales tools added 5k+ unique records to B2C database for additional outreach/retargeting opportunities

  • CPAP product store locators and online dealer listings drove 35k monthly referrals to sales partners and additional revenue

  • Showcased the benefit of personal app support, leading to 300k referrals to myAir app download page

  • Encouraged consumers to register their products for new tips and replacement reminders, leading to 8k new product registrations

Visual examples of content strategy:





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