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Digital Strategist  |  Content Writer  |  Brand Manager

Kris White

ResMed - Digital Strategy & UX Copy


ResMed is a global medical device company that creates products and SaaS solutions for those suffering from sleep apnea.

As Senior Digital Marketing Specialist as ResMed, I played an instrumental role in content strategy across all platforms to provide consumers with easy-to-find resources at every stage of their patient journey.

The issues and opportunities:

  • The information architecture was fragmented. Relevant content was spread across unrelated site sections, leading to higher bounce rates and onsite search usage. Users couldn't find what they needed, and site content quickly became outdated as content was spread throughout the site.

  • Site content didn't offer clear paths for viewers at different patient journey stages, so long-term patients had to sort though irrelevant information and prospective patients felt overwhelmed by complex terminology and products.

  • No lead generation opportunities beyond product registration and blog signup.

  • 50% of site traffic was mobile, yet the site wasn't mobile-friendly.

  • Technical copy and flat tone. Collegiate-level reading comprehension level.

The solutions:

  • Restructured IA to align with patient journey stages, creating clear paths of navigation and information access.

  • Created lead generation opportunities: gated PDF content based on consumer onsite search, patient interviews, competitive landscape, and organic search traffic. Email submissions funneled into Marketo database and organized by patient journey stage for future targeted messaging.

  • Drip/nurture email campaigns triggered by Marketo database activity: new users, equipment preferences, therapy activity, and content consumption.

  • Created interactive quizzes and tracked answers to learn more about consumers’ equipment, desired resources, patient journey stage, and additional insights.

  • All email & web content interactions tracked and analyzed using Google Tag Manager, Marketo tokens, UTMs.

  • Wrote copy to be more conversational and adapt to patient journey stage—empathetic to prospective/new patients and informative with detailed language for long-term patients.

My role:

  • Content strategy recommendations and implementation

  • UX copy for lead generation tools, website copy, emails, and interactive quizzes

  • Create wireframes outlining entire email campaign stages, active triggers, content structure, and different states

  • Collaborate with product, legal, database, and marketing teams on content and drip campaign strategy

  • Make updates and create new content in Wordpress CMS

  • Create content taxonomy and tag all content by patient journey stage and content type. Organize for efficient distribution to internal teams and consumers.

  • Extensive testing & QA on multiple devices using Asana as a project management tool

Content strategy and copy examples:

Restructured site map outlining page type, content categories, and information hierarchy

Lead generation tool: Sleep assessment quiz

  1. User takes sleep quiz on website

  2. Based on answers, user is designated as "at risk" or "not at risk"

  3. Post-submission content differs by result

  4. User receives copy of results via email, along with relevant content (next steps, information page links, FAQs)

  5. After 30 days, users receive an auto-triggered followup email. Email content depends on initial quiz results.

  6. "At-risk" users are asked if they've taken the first step to see their doctor. If they answer Yes, they'll receive an email with next steps, questions to ask their doctor, and video stories from real patients. If they answer No, they'll receive an email with additional support, health risks, and additional resources to alleviate fear and uncertainty.

  7. The tone for all copy reflected the user's current journey state and emotional mindset.

Blog and ResMed Resources Signup Flow

  1. Signup forms added to resource and blog pages.

  2. After submitting, user and page source information are added to Marketo consumer database.

  3. User receives a confirmation email with featured articles, real patient videos, and helpful resources.

  4. Subscribers receive monthly newsletters with curated resources. Content is informed by data: popular site content, popular customer service questions, message boards/social questions, and organic search inquiries.

  5. Newsletter content engagement is tracked and analyzed. What resonated with readers? How long did readers stay on the website content post-click? Where did they navigate after reading, or did they leave the site? What content types resonate?

Content examples:


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