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Digital Strategist  |  Content Writer  |  Brand Manager

Kris White

Green Flash Brewing Company - Copywriting


I was hired as a freelance copywriter for Green Flash Brewing's brand manifesto and brochure copy.

Green Flash needed to explain their tagline "Taste Enlightenment". I wrote a manifesto from the perspective of taking that first sip of a delicious IPA and the immediate sensory reaction that follows.

Green Flash also needed to tell their story and describe their beers in a brochure for The Great American Beer Festival and tasting rooms to educate buyers and fans on their flavorful year-round line up, and seasonal offerings. I wrote all copy for the brochure, which you'll find below.

The manifesto:

It starts with the perfect pour. Swirl your glass, raise it to your lips and take a sip. You'll immediately taste the intense hop character, complex flavor notes and smooth finish. And suddenly you realize that you've never had a beer quite like it before. We call this enlightenment, and we invite everyone to experience it for themselves.

At Green Flash, we believe in sharing craft beer innovation through the extraordinary taste of beers. With one sip, we welcome you to taste enlightenment and discover a whole new way of thinking about beer.

Brochure assets with copy:

steel handcrafted watches. 


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