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Kris White

Green Flash Brewing: Cellar 3 Sour Beers - Copywriting


I was hired as a freelance copywriter for Green Flash Brewing's product copy for their new Cellar 3 beers.

The Cellar 3 product copy was used on all premium bottles, packaging, website descriptions, and promotional announcements.

I focused on a copy tone and language that would appeal to the most passionate and knowledgeable craft beer fans.

My label copy:

Natura Morta Boysenberry Each Natura Morta release is a barrel-aged celebration of single fruit complexity.

A dewy-fresh, sweet, tart twist on our Belgian Saison, this spiced ale offers earthy notes of fresh-pressed boysenberry puree and apple blossom with a smooth oak presence throughout. The Brettanomyces add a funky and slightly wild zest before balancing out to a smooth finish by earthy tannins from cellar aging.

Blanc Tarte Barrique Our funky twist on a Belgian lambic.

Say hello to our Californian interpretation of a Belgian Lambic. This barrel-aged sour is fermented with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus before extended barrel aging in red and white wine barrels. Once blended, Blanc Tarte Barrique becomes a zesty medley of crisp apple, lemon, and aromatic verbena with a stalky and nuanced farmhouse finish.

Oculus Sauvage with Black Currant A Belgian-American hybrid with black currant, aged to perfection.

The deep, rich, and velvety aromas of black currant seduce the senses with every sip of this Belgian-style Imperial IPA. Vanilla, dry oak, and tannin barrel traits from extended barrel aging in French oak red wine barrels balance the fruity sweetness of black currant. With the infusion of funky tartness from Brettanomyces, this fine brew finishes with an expressive, fruity, and refreshing flavor.

Nouveau Tarte Frumento This bourbon barrel-aged sour ale is a true masterpiece that matures with grace.

Nouveau Tarte Frumento is the result of intense Brewmaster contemplation. Built on a canvas of structured malts, the sourness develops during extended aging in wood barrels lending to the beerʼs depth and complexity. Heady top notes of tart cherry and dark fruit mingle with rich, subtle malt in the background for a truly satisfying sour ale.

Baroque Belgique

Our fresh interpretation of a traditional Belgian-style pale ale.

If Green Flash were founded in historical Belgium, Baroque Belgique would have been our flagship brew. A bold and complex layering of herbal hops finds delicate balance from traditional malts. Bottle conditioning with fresh ale yeast and Brettanomyces adds a funky finishing touch, creating a delightfully bright effervescence, dryness, and continuously evolving character.

Ideal Belgique A dark and sweet delicacy steeped in rich tradition and taste.

Our Belgian–style Dark Ale is inspired by traditional Abbey Ales to deliver the richest malt flavors. Dual–yeast fermentation, spicy hops, and the addition of muscovado brown sugar provide increased complexity and depth of flavor which effortlessly combine to present a smooth texture on the palate.

Divine Belgique A contemporary tribute to the time-honored tradition of Trappist ales.

Rich, pale malt flavors provide a solid base for zesty Styrian Golding and Czech Saaz hopping. Trappist ale yeast adds the fruity, spicy profile of classic, Belgian ales—a method perfected in candlelit European monasteries by traditional monks. Our Trippel is a luscious, fiery, golden brew—a contemporary rendition of the time-honored Belgian style.

Natura Morta Blood Orange

Each Natura Morta release is a barrel-aged celebration of single fruit complexity.

What starts as a Belgian-style Saison with ginger, orange peel, and grains of paradise becomes a scintillating celebration of sweet, tangy, fresh blood orange that tantalizes the tastebuds. A hint of vanilla and earthy undertones arise from the oak barrel aging to round out a crisp, balanced, and citrusy ale.

Natura Morta Cranberry Each Natura Morta release is a barrel-aged celebration of single fruit complexity.

The zesty, spicy, and fresh aromas of our Belgian-style Saison proved to be the perfect complement to the sweet and tart characteristics of cranberry. Barrel-aged to add subtle oak and vanilla hints and fermented with Brettanomyces to add a slightly wild and funky layer, Natura Morta Cranberry is a complex, yet simply sweet celebration of full-bodied fruit flavor.

Product label visuals:

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