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Digital Strategist  |  Content Writer  |  Brand Manager

Kris White

Ballast Point - Content Creation Videography


As Digital Brand Manager in Marketing & Communications, I wanted to use videography to showcase our beers, tasting rooms, brewing process, and employees. We didn't have a dedicated videographer, so I picked up a mirrorless camera and taught myself videography.

My role:

I organized, styled, shot, and edited almost all Ballast Point videos—from new beer release videos to employee and location highlights.

I taught myself how to use the camera, choose lenses, lighting and audio techniques (breweries are...loud), video editing, and special effects. I shot, saved, and posted all videos according to social best practices.


Through elevated product & lifestyle video, all social media metrics grew: minutes viewed, social engagement KPIs, website referral traffic, and video shares by consumers and employees.

Sample videos:


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