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Digital Strategist  |  Content Writer  |  Brand Manager

Kris White

Ballast Point Brewing - Content Creation Photography


As Digital Brand Manager in Marketing & Communications for Ballast Point, I managed all social channels. We didn't have a dedicated photographer for visual assets, so I grabbed a camera and taught myself product/lifestyle photography.

My role:

I styled, shot, and edited approximately 90% of the photography content for Ballast Point social media channels, maintaining a consistent look & feel in accordance with our brand guidelines.

  • Product photography

  • Lifestyle/editorial photography

  • Tasting room photography (food, staff, atmosphere)

  • Media asset requests

  • Brewery and employee photography


Through elevated product/lifestyle photography quality, we've seen our social engagement increase exponentially—giving new life to each channel and enticing our fans through polished and consistent on-brand visuals.

My photography examples:

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