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CONTENT Strategist  |  UX Writer  |  Brand MARKETER

Hi! Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Kris.


I'm a content strategist, UX writer & brand marketer in San Diego.

I’m a data-driven creative with wit and endless curiosity. ​My expertise is a unique blend of content design, digital strategy, copywriting, and content marketing. I thrive on connecting dots, simplifying the complex, and using data to inform decisions. I’m a big fan of cross-team collaboration, exploration, and growth mindsets.

Curious about my work & personality style? I'm patient, collaborative, calm & collected under pressure, and enjoy tossing out witty one-liners. I dive into research and insights to make data-driven decisions with creative flair. With account management & creative experience, I'm organized, focused, and curious.

What I do

Content Design

I use data points, business goals, and user experience to inform how content tells a cohesive story on a page, mobile app, or other medium. I identify content gaps and opportunities throughout the user journey and use wireframing tools to collaborate on an elegant, seamless user experience. 

Digital Strategy

I outline how digital content will reach the right audience at the right time. I've created strategic outlines for B2B and B2C cross-channel campaigns, accelerating business objectives and increasing awareness. I provide a clear plan for email, web, and social channels with measurable KPIs, action items, and how digital content aligns with overall client or project goals. 

Content Marketing

I have 15+ years of experience as a content marketer, managing content strategy for B2B and B2C brands. This includes content ideation, creation, scheduling, photography and video. I create a strategic marketing approach focused on producing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Featured work


Hilary (Scurlock) Cocalis

VP Marketing,

Ballast Point

"Kris is an innovative content creator, a skilled copywriter, a digital savant, and a brand champion. While a member of the Ballast Point marketing team, Kris helped ensure all aspects of our brand communications were authentic, clear, and engaging to our consumers and fans. In particular, he brought great knowledge of the digital landscape that helped elevate the brand. Not to mention, he's fun to work with, likes a good joke, and has some serious camera skills, too!"

Elisse Thurston

Project Manager,


"I worked with Kris while he was a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at ResMed. We were both tasked with launching a 150+ page mobile-first consumer website - I as a Lead Project Manager and Kris as a Lead Senior Digital Marketing Strategist. While the number of pages on the site seems minimal, the amount of work behind each required years of planning and execution.


During our time working together, Kris showed an exceptional work ethic and attention to detail. It did not matter what assignment he was given, he found a way to complete it with ease and with a level head.


He was the only team member who remained calm and collected in the most stressful times (there were many, and they lasted months!). This did not go unnoticed. In many cases, I had to take other team members off their assignments that they were either not executing correctly or not doing them quickly enough and re-assigning them to Kris. He exceeded my expectations at every turning point.


Key assignments he was given included the following:

1. Prepped content templates for over 150 pages for copywriters. In some cases, he wrote the copy for those pages.

2. Worked with copywriters, subject matter experts, and label review members to refine content through multiple touchpoints - content development, design, programming, and final QA.

3. Partnered with an outsourced design agency and advised on the UX/UI strategy for over 50+ page designs.

4. Partnered with an outsourced development agency to author content and assure cross browser/device quality on 10+ browsers/devices, for 150+ pages on the website.

5. Lead the day-to-day management with an outsourced SEO agency.

6. There were many more assignments that Kris was involved with before I was hired. It’s hard to find someone with a multi-faceted digital marketing skillset in today’s labor market.


Kris would be a great asset at any company because he showed high emotional intelligence through excellent comprehension and communication skills."

Kristin Diiorio

Head of Digital Marketing,


"Kris was an integral part of my marketing team responsible for developing digital marketing content and demand generation strategies to support a 1.2B product line in the medical device industry.


I appreciated the combination of creativity, problem solving and analytical thinking that Kris applied in developing multi-channel digital strategies including social, SEO and content strategy. Kris stood out in his ability to introduce solutions by staying current with digital marketing trends including material design standards, user-centric design approaches, and innovative software for monitoring digital performance across channels.


He has a good idea generation capability but also the ability to apply ideas across customer touchpoints. And his Meme selection is on point. Why were my memes never as funny as Kris's?"

Maureen Brumbach

Art Director,


"I had the great opportunity of working with Kris while he was a copywriter on the ProFlowers brand. His stellar writing skills and strategic thinking made him a great partner in elevating the aesthetic of the brand. He's a well rounded copywriter with the ability of thinking in an integrated approach to brand campaign work. He was great to work with and always had a fun, positive outlook. Kris would make a great asset on any team."

Let's work together

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​Tel: 858-774-5679​

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